Mivizu Croc Leather iPad Folio
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 01-27-2011
Provided by: Mivizu

Mivizu's premium Croc Leather Folio offers an interesting mix of styling and features. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no animal skin expert, but to the untrained eye, the case certainly does look like crocodile skin at first glance. The key features that tell you it's an imitation are the Mivizu logo on the front cover and the repeating patterns on the front and rear.

Of course, if you were raised in the lap of luxury and an imitation case simply won't cut it, Mivizu offers this same case featuring real crocodile skin from Thailand for a cool $7,000... the same amount of dough that could buy you 14 iPads.

Looks aside, the folio offers a front screen cover that snaps to the rear of the case with a magnetic button. The case supports hand-free viewing in portrait and landscape mode, although there is no way to adjust the angle. I had mixed results using the stand in different environments. For example, when using the iPad while sitting in bed, I found the angle of the case when in portrait mode was perfect. However when I moved the iPad to my computer desk, I was wishing for a bit more of an incline.

The iPad fits in the case just fine but unfortunately the holes cut in the case to access various buttons and functions don't seem to be aligned precisely. The power button and speaker holes aren't a huge deal as these still function regardless of the misalignment, but the major problem is the headphone jack. I found that I had to remove the strap over the headphone jack, plug in the connector, then reconnect the strap in order to get the connector in the jack properly. This is certainly a pain considering the price of this folio.

Do note that this folio will add a decent amount of weight and thickness to your iPad.

My only other gripe with the case is the price. Mivizu informed us that you can find this case online anywhere from $90 to $110 bucks. With the huge amount of leather cases on the market already, I'd really like to see this price come down just a little bit. And as for the real crocodile case for seven grand, if you are even considering purchasing that then odds are money isn't a boundary for you and well, more power to you.

OCIA.net awards the Mivizu Croc Leather Folio (imitation) our Bronze Seal of Approval.

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