Mini USB 2.0 LED Projector
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-27-2010
Provided by: Geeks
First Looks

Along with the projector itself arrives: a power supply, a remote control, a plastic tripod, a user's manual, an audio/video cable, and a multi-connection cable (more on that last item later on this page). The included tripod folds flat and has rubber feet to prevent slipping. Inside the user's manual, we find some thorough instructions, though written in only mediocre English, and many useful diagrams.

As I stated in the introduction, this mini-projector is indeed mini. It fits nicely in your hand, or you could fit it inside a standard coffee mug for a high-tech office prank. On either side there are some honeycomb grills for releasing heat and sound from the internal 0.8W speaker. Around the right side, there is a play/pause button, volume up and down buttons, and tracking buttons. These buttons also serve intuitive purposes in the menu system, though the remote is more convenient for that. The left side is home to the power button and the USB input for the multi-connection cable mentioned above.

There isn't much of interest at the front or back of the projector, other than the speaker grill and the remote control receiver. The SD/MMC cardslot lives on top, protected by a hinged rubber cap.

Earlier on this page, you caught a glimpse of the multi-connection cable. This cable connects directly to the projector (left side) and has a port for the power source (right side). On front, we see all three different multimedia options: the first port is a mini-USB cable for connecting to your computer; the second is a three channel port for use with the audio/video cable on TV devices; and the third port is a double channel audio output for speakers or headphones.

Continue on as we discuss usage and draw some conclusions about the mini-projector...

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