Mini USB 2.0 LED Projector
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-27-2010
Provided by: Geeks

Computer gadgets are developing at an insane rate; products are getting smaller, faster, and generally better. We see this advancement every day with netbooks, smartphones, even Bluetooth transceivers. One recent trend you have probably caught onto is mini-projectors. Not too long ago, the smallest projectors were bigger than a full encyclopedia. Now, you can find projectors about the size of a pocket dictionary.

Today, we have for review a LED based digital video projector. This mini-projector is aptly named: it literally fits in the palm of your hand. With a built-in speaker and various input options, it seems like the perfect gadget for showing slideshows or movies in the absence of a TV or suitable monitor. Also, because it's so small, it should be ideal for quick and easy setup. Full specifications, from the product manual, are:

  • Resolution: 640x480 Pixel (VGA)

  • Type of Projector: LCOS

  • Brightness: 15 Lumens

  • Lamp source: High power LED (3W)

  • Lamp life time: over 20,000 hrs

  • Screen size: 15-48 inch

  • Projection Distance: 25CM-250CM

  • Contract Ratio: 200:1

  • Focus: Manual

  • Input source: AV input, USB Video input, Build-in Flash memory, SD/MMC card memory

  • Build-in Memory: 2GB

  • Memory Card: SD/MMC card, support up to 32GB

  • Support Format: JPEG (Photos); WMA, MP3 (Music); MPEG-4 (AVI, MP4), RMVB (Video)

  • Speaker: 0.8 Watters

  • Power source: DC 5V, 2A

  • Dimension: 74x38x62mm

  • Weight: 160g

This mini-projector looks like it would make a handy gadget for showing pictures of your vacation to your friends, or for watching a movie in your own makeshift cinema. Continue on as we take a closer look at the Mini-Projector.

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