OCZ Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-25-2006
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Closer Look

After getting the Mini-Kart out of the packaging, you find that it has it's own clear plastic carrying/storage case. This storage case does come in pretty handy really and will help you keep track of the drive. If you have any sort of clutter at all on your desk, you stand a good chance of losing track of the drive; it's that small. Trust me, it happened to me more than a few times. You'll learn very quickly to either put it back in the case, your wallet or leave it connected to the computer.

Out of the case you can see just how small and thin the drive really is, it's no thicker than the USB connector without the metal shroud that comes on a standard flash drive.

Here you can see the Mini-Kart's small size compared to that of the Corsair Voyager: quite a big difference.

The Mini-Kart also has a blue activity light located on the outside end. Even though it's fairly bright, it is still a bit difficult to see unless you're looking at it from the end.

On to checking out the performance of this tiny flash drive...

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