Swiftech MCW60-T VGA Thermoelectric Waterblock
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-01-2006
Provided by: Swiftech
Setup Cont.

All of the accessories come in two plastic bags.

In the first bag we find springs, thumb-nuts and screw insulators for mounting the MCW60-T waterblock, as well as a wire connector for powering the TEC pad, making it very easy to install cleanly.

In the second bag we find barbs at 3/8" and 1/2", seals for the barbs, plastic hose-clamps and some white ceramique thermal compound.

The included instructions are helpful and cover the precautionary measures that you should take when getting ready to install a Thermoelectric cooling device.

First we remove the current cooling device and ramsinks. Then we cleanse the card as best we can. Swiftech highly recommends taping off all components that would be making contact with a cooling device, then applying a conformal acrylic coating to the GPU area of the card, front and back. This will help ensure no micro condensation causes any shorts resulting in permanently damaged hardware.

Since I am only going to use this device temporarily, I am going to clean the card, but choose not to use any kind of acrylic conformal coating. Risky, but it's my risk. Don't do this. Continuing on...

The first step is to remove the wax paper from the foam insulation on the backplate.

Next we put the backplate through the video card. At first the threading on the bolts can seem to work against you, but loosening them slightly with the screws on the backplate can make a world of difference.

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