Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition Gaming Keyboard
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-29-2009
Provided by: Razer
First Looks

Opening up the Lycosa Mirror box, we are greeted by a large Razer logo, a note from “Razerguy” himself, and a nice black package that holds the Lycosa Mirror's bundle. Along with the keyboard itself arrives: Razer stickers, a cleaning cloth and relevant papers, such as the warranty statement, certificate of authenticity and manuals. The keyboard arrives not only in foam padding for safe shipping, but also in a plastic back to prevent surface imperfections.

The Lycosa Mirror is much smaller than the Logitech G15, another common gaming keyboard. Because there are no dedicated macro keys, the Lycosa Mirror's footprint is equal to or less than most other standard keyboards.

Here we get a better look at the Lycosa Mirror itself. The Lycosa Mirror is constructed completely from shiny plastic, even the keys and the wrist rest. As you can see, the mirrored finish gives the keyboard a sleek and modern look. You might also notice that the keys are hardly readable without backlight, and the media touchpad in the upper right-hand corner is totally illegible without backlight. With the backlight fired up, the keys are clear, even in bright daylight, a change from the previous version of this keyboard.

The media “TouchPanel” has typical play/pause, stop, volume up and down, back and forward buttons, as well as a button to change the lighting on the keyboard. The lighting cycles through off, WASD and on settings. You might also notice that the caps-lock LED is noted with a “C,” for “caps-lock,” rather than the more standard “A.”

More just ahead…

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