Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 03-06-2008
Provided by: Razer
First Look

Upon opening the retail box, we find a bundle of documents as well as a note from Robert "Razer Guy" Krakoff. The documents include a Certificate of Authenticity, Quick Start Guide, Master Guide (which contains the driver disc) and a Razer product catalog.

Here we have the Lycosa keyboard. The first thing I noticed about this keyboard was its weight, or lack-there-of. This board is extremely lightweight compared to every other board I have used in the past.

In terms of aesthetics, the Lycosa is certainly an attention-grabber. The top surface has a sleek, glossy finish, almost like a piano. The buttons are finished with a non-slip, rubber finish that contrasts the glossy surface really well. The wrist rest appears to be regular black plastic, with the Razer logo in the center. I really like how the keys aren't fully visible when the back light is off, producing a nice stealth effect.

There are two distinct notches, ones at the top and the other at the bottom of the wrist rest. These add some character to the overall design, but I wonder if the bottom notch will interfere with my wrists.

The Lycosa has a thick cord, which leads to two USB cables (one to power the keyboard, the other to supplement the USB port on the top of the keyboard) as well as audio and mic cables.

This board is pretty slim all around, measuring just 7/8" in height with the retractable feet not in use.

We find a USB port (1.1) as well as headphone and mic jacks on the top edge of the Lycosa. I am a bit unsure why Razer didn't use USB 2.0 here.

There is not much out of the ordinary on the bottom of the keyboard. The wrist rest is removable via four screws, whereas most other keyboards have clip-on wrist rests.

Continue ahead as we check out the included Lycosa software...

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