Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 03-06-2008
Provided by: Razer

Video game popularity has literally exploded over the past few years. I grew up in a time where video games were something that kids only played as a means of entertainment. Today, millions of people of all ages play video games, both console and PC versions, for a variety of reasons. Most still play for entertainment, but with the onset of online gaming, the level of competition has greatly increased. No longer is it good enough that you can beat everyone on your block. Now, you want to take on everyone... anywhere!

In the PC gaming scene, manufacturers have taken note of this and have been producing gaming peripherals for a few years now. Razer is one such company, releasing "gamer only" products designed to give you that extra edge over your opponents. Today we will be looking at Razer's latest gaming keyboard, the Lycosa, to see if it meets the needs of today's gamers and really offers an edge over the competition.

The Lycosa arrived in standard Razer packaging; a black box with a photo of the keyboard on the front, along with the name, Razer's logo and a few features listed. Around back, we find a detailed breakdown of the Lycosa's features and specifications in a variety of different languages. Below is listing of the technical specifications, borrowed from Razer's website.

The Lycosa has a nice list of features, some of which you won't find on most other keyboards. Continue ahead as we check out the package contents and the Lycosa itself.

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