Logitech Z Cinéma Surround Sound System
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-11-2008
Provided by: Logitech

Next to video, sound is probably one of the most important aspects of a PC. Before you argue that you can use a computer with no sound, consider how boring your experience would be without it. Obviously any multimedia content is useless without sound. If you're a gamer, you won't hear the squeal of your tires, the sound of gunfire or that guy sneaking up behind you. Even if all you do is check email and browse the web, no sound means you can't listen to those funny video clips that everyone likes to share.

And if sound is important to you, it should be of decent quality too. Sure you can hook up those speakers that came built into your LCD monitor, but if you've ever listened to them before you know how inadequate they are. At minimum I always recommend users have a good set of amplified desktop speakers, preferably a 2.1 setup, which includes a separate subwoofer as well. In fact, that's the setup I've used almost for the last ten years, a Labtec Edge 418 system with a power output of about 30 watts.

When I found out I would be receiving one of Logitech's latest speaker systems for review, I got pretty excited. In my experience, Logitech has made some of the best PC peripheral hardware around, and considering they've been in business since 1981, they've had plenty of time to perfect their products. The one I'll be looking at today is the Z Cinéma Advanced Surround Sound System. Despite the name, this is not a true surround sound setup, which typically include six, seven or more speakers laid out in a circle around the listener. This is a 2.1 setup, similar to my existing hardware, with two satellite speakers comprised of dual mids and tweeters, and a single high-power subwoofer for the bass. It ships double-boxed for protection, as the whole package weighs nearly 35 pounds. Just as with power supplies, heavier speakers usually mean better quality, more powerful components, so if the weight means anything this should be one kickass setup.

Join me as I take a closer look (and listen) to the Logitech Z Cinéma system.

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