Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 09-20-2010
Provided by: Logitech

I installed the G930 software directly from the included installation disc. Unfortunately this version of the software was very buggy and kept freezing without warning. I was, however, able to get an update from Logitech's website that alleviated this issue.

The G930 control center is laid out well and easy to follow. The first area lets you adjust volume, microphone, sidetone, treble and bass levels. For those curious, sidetone refers to how much of your own voice is played back through the speakers when you talk.

You can click the equalizer button between the treble and bass sliders for more detailed adjustments.

The G-keys section lets you create profiles and customize each of the three G-keys on the side of the headset. I ultimately set up a profile for Winamp where I can skip ahead to the next track by pushing the G1 button. I set G2 to "previous track" and set G3 to "play / pause".

The Surround Sound mixer allows you to adjust the volume level of each speaker. The difference is quite obvious - more so than I anticipated.

The Voice Morphing section lets you adjust pitch calibration as well as set one of six different preset voice morphing profiles. From left to right: Android, Troll, Giant, Alien, Mutant, Space Squirrel. As with other voice morphing implementations, the gimmicks are funny for a minute but if you want anybody to take you seriously while gaming, I'd shy away from them.

Continue ahead as we reflect on some usage findings and wrap things up with a conclusion.

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