Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-01-2007
Provided by: Logitech
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First Look

The one problem I always have with steering wheel pedals is keeping them in place during use. One minute I am driving around without a care in the world... next thing I know, they would be sideways and halfway across the room. Logitech thought of that by adding something the others lack: Weight. The pedals have a racing look to them, complete with brushed aluminum.

Weight isn't the only thing that keeps these pedals from moving. The underside of the pedal unit features Logitech's exclusive carpet grip system. This strip can fold up or down depending on the surface you are on. Behind the pedals are bright red shock absorbers. They do more than just add style. Pressing each pedal gives you a realistic feel. For example, the gas pedal is light weight and can be slammed down with ease. The clutch is a bit tougher, offering a bit more resistance. The brake pedal is very stiff. It feels almost like a real brake pedal, causing you to apply ample amounts of pressure if you really want to stop quickly.

The steering wheel doesn't vary much from your typical gaming wheel in size, measuring 11" in diameter. What it does have that others lack, however, is a hand-stitched leather-wrapped wheel. Instead of cheap rubber, leather gives you an authentic feel. The paddle shifters feel very solid considering they are made out of real metal. The G25 also features a unique dual-motor force feedback system that delivers plenty of "feedback". Don't worry though if you are not a huge fan of force feedback, as you can adjust the sensitivity of it (or turn it off completely) in the included Logitech software.

Underneath the wheel is where all of the cable connections are made. You can see where grooves have been cut out to allow the wires to run out from under the wheel. This is a good idea with one small problem. Trying to hold the wires out of the way while you mount the wheel can be quite a chore. Once you master that, though, it's no problem.

The clamps are rather short, which helps it fit most desk types as doesn't interfere with the cross brace found on the underside of some desks. If you have a desk that is very thick, or your cross brace is in the way, the black pegs attached to the clamp arms are removable.

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