Liteon EZ-DUB External CD/DVD Writer
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-28-2008
Provided by: Liteon

The included CD comes with Nero 7 Essentials as well as the dedicated EZ-Dub software. Those familiar with Nero will likely recognize the interface used in all the latest versions. I have used Nero previously and feel it is definitely one of the top CD/DVD burning software packages available. Nero comes as part of the typical install from the CD.

The EZ-Dub software was very simple to use as well. When using the Dub option, you are given the choice of copying the source from either the Lite-On EZ-Dub or from another optical drive. It does give you a warning that copying from drive to drive may cause problems, depending on the speed of the source drive and your machine, however everything worked just fine for me during testing. The File copy process went very smoothly as well.

To test the dubbing, I used a source CD with around 600MB of data on it, and for the file copy I burned 4.36GB of local data to a 4x DVD+RW disk. During both processes, the transfer speed averaged around 3-6MB/s. The Dub took 3:45 and the File copy ran for 14:30.

Let's wrap things up with a conclusion.

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