Lite-On LH-20A1S 20x DVD+/-RW Drive
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-14-2008
Provided by:

The Lite-On LH-20A1S was nothing but a pleasure to use. Taking a look at our testing results, the only place the drive didn't perform as advertised was in DVD reading, topping out at 12x instead of 16x. There is also some inconsistency in the reading, with slower speeds near the center of the disc, however this is the result of the drive's CAV (constant angular velocity) design, so the laser's linear speed around the disc is much greater at a larger radius. The performance of the drive is typical if not good for the drive.

I noticed that the drive was considerably quieter than my other drive, an NEC 16x drive. When that drive is reading a CD or DVD, it is louder than my loudest fan, however the Lite-On drive is almost inaudible, which is great for listening to hard copies of music and watching hard copies of movies.

At just $34 USD from, the Lite-On LH-20A1S gives some great bang for the buck. If you're in the market for a new optical drive, you should definitely put this one on your list.

+ Good performance
+ Well bundled
+ Silent

- None to date

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