Lian Li PC-V1110 Super Mid-Tower Chassis
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-05-2008
Provided by: Lian Li

Inside the box, the PC-V1110 is held in place with fitted Styrofoam blocks and a thick plastic bag: very standard packaging for a case. The case is, as we predicted, quite large. The whole exterior is constructed of brushed aluminum, including the heavy front door. Included with the case are all of the accessories you will need for assembly: a 12cm chipset fan (more on that later), a 4-pin motherboard power cord extension, keys to the front door, screws, rubber sleeves to protect the aluminum wheels, etc.

Opening the door, we find the five vented expansion slots, the power and reset buttons, and the grill for the large 14cm intake fan. At the top right are the power and HDD LEDs.

On top of the case, you'll find an aluminum flap with the Lian Li logo fashionably glued on. Beneath this panel are the front IO ports, including an eSATA connection, a Firewire connection, 4 USB ports, and audio/mic ports. At the back end of the top of the case, there are two removable caps for water-cooling tubes. It is nice that Lian Li decided to make the threads less visible because external water-cooling is less common than air, or even internal water-cooling.

The front door on the PC-V1110 is quite thick and heavy-duty. From the factory, the door opens to the left (making it ideal to place the case on the left side of your desk). On the sides, there are vents to allow airflow to the front intake fan. If you don't want to lock the door, it snaps shut with a small click-lock on the top. If you do want to lock your front door, there is a true lock built into the front door. The lock latches into the front panel of the case and is very sturdy.

The door can be switched to open to the right. To do this, you will have to unscrew the black bracket at the top and remove the door. Then, you can unscrew then various pieces of the door (hinges, lock, and lock filler) and replace them following the manual's instructions. The process is very easy with the exception of removing and replacing the lock, and overall it is very well designed.

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