WinFast PX9800 GTX+ Leadtek Limited
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-04-2009
Provided by: Leadtek

The driver/software CD includes a utility called WinFox-II which loads on boot and resides on the taskbar. Using this tool you can monitor and make changes to several different properties. The Advanced Toolset has options for Hardware Monitor, Fan Control, Speed Runner, Gamma Correction, Tea Break, Screen Saver, Screen Correction and Redraw.

Hardware monitor shows the current card temperature and offers several controls to adjust the GPU temperature warning, either audio and/or visual. There are also sliders for ambient temp, fan speed, chip voltage and memory voltage but these seem to be disabled.

The Fan Control allows you to manually adjust the fan speed or leave it at the auto temp control.

The latest version of GPU-Z still has problems differentiating the GTX+ from the older GTX core; it shows the die at 65nm version A2. It also doesn't seem to display the current clocks correctly, although it does identify the stock clocks.

The second tab does correctly display the current clocks as well as the temperature and fan speed. Note the power save 2D clock speed of 300 core and 100 memory.

Speaking of temperature, I compared the 9800 GTX+ to my GTX 260 card with stock cooler. The 9800 runs 4-7 C cooler than the 260 and much quieter also.

When it comes to power draw, the 9800 beats the 260 hands down. Although at idle both are nearly the same, the 260 uses 70W more at load than the 9800. The graph shows total system wattage.

Now let's try some overclocking.

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