Razer Krait High Precision Infrared Gaming Mouse
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-28-2006
Provided by: Razer

I play pretty much every game I have, do some Photoshop and just the basic everyday stuff I do on my rig...

The first game I played was Far Cry... mainly because I found this review a good reason to reinstall it. I've been meaning to; it has been a while since I played it. I thought that it would be the best game for trying out the accuracy of the Krait. There's lots of long-distance head shots to be made there, without the benefit of a sniper rifle. I immediately noticed a difference in mouse accuracy... head shots were simple.

I guess I could keep going... but I will spare you. The Razer Krait is very impressive. It has everything I would want in a gaming mouse. Some of you might want extra programmable buttons, but personally I don't need them. A feature I really like, the Krait sports a seven foot cord. When it comes to peripheral cords, size does matter.

The Razer Krait is priced at $34.99 at a popular online retailer.


Comfortable size
Great accuracy
Fully adjustable
Pleasantly uncomplicated
Extra long cord



OCIA.net has awarded the Razer Krait our Seal of Approval!

Thanks to Razer for providing us with this review sample.

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