Razer Krait High Precision Infrared Gaming Mouse
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-28-2006
Provided by: Razer

My taste in mice is pretty simple. Up to this point, my favorite mouse is as basic as you can get, the Logitech USB Optical Mouse. It comfortably fits my short stubby fingers. It's not complicated by a lot of programmable buttons that I am always pushing at the wrong time. It doesn't have batteries to die in the middle of some heavy combat. It usually doesn't even need a mousepad, so I seldom use one.

Though, I have admired several different gaming mice. Most of them felt very odd in my hand. Sure, you eventually get adjusted to them, but I guess I have a problem spending $50 or more on something that feels so weird. To me, ergonomic should be something that feels natural.

And, I'm sure that I'm not the only person that feels this way.

I think that Razer had me in mind when they designed the Krait.

Razer has been designing high performance gaming peripherals since the late 1990's. Cutting edge performance, built for gamers, by gamers.

The Krait comes in this attractive box.

I was immediately pleased when I realized the Krait wasn't huge, and wasn't adorned with a lot of extra buttons.

Actually it looks like a fairly typical mouse...but looks can be deceiving.

It is nearly the same size and shape as the basic Logitech.

The permanently attached teflon feet make things go much smoother.

I thought the logo on the bottom of the mouse was pretty cool.

Let's look at the specs.

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