Kingwin ABT-800MA1S Mach 1 800 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-12-2007
Provided by: Kingwin
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Installation, Testing, Conclusion

Of course, installation is very straightforward. If a new build, determine all power connections you will need, connect the needed modular cables, mount the PSU in the case, plug all of the power connectors where needed, clean things up a bit and you're done. If a replacement, unplug connectors, remove the old PSU, and then do the above.

The thumbscrews were some I already had. The screws included with the Mach 1 are standard Phillips head screws.


System Specs:

AMD X2 4400+ OC'd to 2.4gHz
Abit KN8 Ultra
4 x 512 Corsair XMS PC-3200
Leadtek geForce 7900GS
2 x Hitachi SATA hard drives 160gig/80gig
Lacie 320 gig USB external hard drive
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro CPU cooler
Zalman VF-700Cu GPU cooler
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Recording sound card
Gigabyte Triton 180 mid-tower

Unfortunately, I don't have an SLI rig to really check out the Mach 1. But, I can do some things to add stress to it.

With the rig at idle, the Mach 1 put out 12.01vDC and 5.04vDC. I don't think that I have ever reviewed a PSU who's output was so close to +12v... usually, they have been in the 11.9-11.95 range. To make things a little more interesting, I connected five 120mm fans, defragged a hard drive, ran Prime95 and ran the little fuzzy cube on ATI Tool. My CPU was definitely stressed, but the Mach 1 never strayed from it's 12.01vDC. Was that anywhere near playing your favorite game with a pair of 8800GTSs? I rather doubt it, but it was a lot of extra work to not change the output at all.


I don't think that I mentioned the fact that the Mach 1 is full of blue LEDs, both in the fan and around the cable connectors. The cable connectors light up only if there is a cable in place. The lights aren't really as bright as the photo portrays; they just emit a nice blue glow. Internal case lighting doesn't excite me that much any more, but it does make things a little more interesting if you have no other lighting in your case.

The Kingwin ABT-800MA1S Mach 1 is the flagship of Kingwin's line of power supplies. It pushes 800 watts, has four +12v rails and is modular designed. It has a single 140mm fan, uses heavy nickel-plated cable connectors, sports some LEDs and has slightly different mesh cable covering to add some coolness value. It is SLI-certified up to a pair of 8800GTS cards. The modular cables are sufficiently long for a large case, there are plenty of 4-pin Molex connectors, enough SATA connectors for six HDDs and four PCI-E connectors.

The Mach 1 sells for $175 USD at a popular online retailer. Looking at the other PSUs on that tier of nVidia's SLI certification, only a few power supplies were less expensive, and fewer had any of the coolness features included on Kingwin's Mach 1.


Looks nice
Long cables
Modular construction
Cool mesh covering
Cooler shiny connectors
Even cooler 140mm fan
Excellent price


None that I can see has awarded the Kingwin Mach 1 our seal of approval!

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