Kingwin ABT-1000MA1S Mach 1 1,000W Power Supply
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-06-2008
Provided by: Kingwin
The Unit and Cabling

The Kingwin Mach 1 1,000W Power Supply comes neatly packed in bubble-wrap with Styrofoam inserts all around. This packaging is not the best, but is sufficient for surviving shipment. Included with the Mach 1 are all of its cables (which we will cover in more detail later), a power cord, screws, and a manual. The manual is well written and clear, and applies to all Mach 1 power supplies.

The power supply is nickel plated, giving it a sleek, semi-mirrored finish. It is a small bit longer than a standard ATX power supply. While the motherboard and CPU connectors are not modular, everything else is, including: two Molex cords, two SATA cords, two 6-pin PCI-express cords and two 6+2-pin PCI-express cords. All of these cables are sleeved in thick black and yellow mesh.

On the bottom of the Mach 1 you'll find a whopping 150x150mm blue LED fan. Like on most power supplies, this fan comes with a built in speed control/temperature monitor, so it will be quiet when not under full load, and only really spin up when conditions are rough. At the rear of the power supply, we find a standard honeycomb grill, a power switch and outlet, and a sticker boasting Active PFC, all very standard for a power supply. Finally, on the right side, we find a power chart. Here you can see the distribution of all 1,000W across the six 12V lines, the 3.3V line, and the 5V line.

The inner side of the Mach 1 hosts the modular cabling system. Each outlet comes guarded with a blue, soft rubber cap, keeping it clean and protected. The cables attach in an airplane style, where the circular plug is inserted, and then a lock can be screwed down, securing its position. Each outlet and plug has a notch in it, so that they cannot be inserted in the wrong orientation. Further fool-proofing the system, the PCI-express outlets and plugs are only four pins, whereas the Molex and SATA connectors are five pins. When the power is on, active outlets switch on a blue LED and light up the ring around them.

As we said before, every cable is sleeved in a very flexible, yet thick black and yellow mesh. They all have heat-shrink wrapping at both ends, ensuring that the mesh stays in place. The only non-modular cables are the motherboard and two CPU cables. The CPU cables are colored blue so as not to be mixed with the red PCI-express cables. On the motherboard connector, we find a typical 20+4 pin design, which locks the extra four pins down. Each PCI-express cable has its own outlet on the PSU itself. There are only two 6-pin cables and two 6+2-pin cables, which means that going triple SLi may require some Molex-to-PCI-express converters, which are not totally reliable.

There are two Molex cables and two SATA cables. Each Molex cable has four quick-release connectors, and one of the cables has a floppy style connector as well. Similarly, each SATA cable has four connectors. While this should be enough for the average user and most enthusiasts, I'm surprised that, with such a high continuous wattage available, there aren't more of these connections for the user with two optical drives and more than six hard-drives.

Now that we've had a look at the Mach 1 1,000W, let's take it for a spin and do some testing.

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