Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 / Pro
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-17-2016
Provided by: Kingston
Usage and performance

Connecting your mobile device to the MobileLite Wireless G3 / Pro requires downloading the free mobile app. Currently supported devices are:

iPad 2/3rd Gen/4th Gen/Air/Air 2
iPad Mini/Mini 2/Mini 3/Mini 4
iPad Touch 5th Gen/6th Gen
iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+
Fire, Fire HD (4.6+)
Android (4.2+)

The app homepage displays current connectivity status, access to file explorer and backup, media content filters for music and video file types and a settings section. There is also a button for one-key backup, which uses a previous successful backup settings for easy single touch replication of the process. In addition to pictures and other media, contacts and calendar entries can also be backed up. The MobileLite Wireless app also includes a built-in image and video viewer as well as music player. Third party apps can also be linked to open file types that can't be opened by the MobileLite Wireless app natively.

The MobileLite Wireless network settings allow the user to set a wireless SSID name and WPA2 security passphrase. Bridge mode is available to allow the MobileLite unit to bridge to another Wi-Fi connection, so that your mobile device can access the MobileLite and the Internet at the same time. Alternately, if the wired Ethernet is connected to the Internet through another non-wireless device, the MobileLite can also function as a wireless access point. This feature only works with a DHCP-enabled wired connection.

Wireless devices can also connect to the MobileLite Wireless without the mobile app installed and view the attached storage contents using a web browser. This is useful for Mac or Windows computers or laptops to be able to access the MobileLite storage.

As mentioned previously, with only a USB 2.0 port available, file transfer speed to an external USB drive will not be able to take advantage of faster throughput of USB 3.0 drives. The built-in 64GB of storage in the MobileLite Wireless Pro is not necessarily any faster however. Backing up a total of 217 images and two large video files, a total of 425MB in size, took 4:37 to copy to the internal storage, and 4:18 to copy to the USB drive. That's only about 12mbps and 13mbps respectively.

As for charging performance, I tested using my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, which has a 2000mAh Li-ion battery. From a completely depleted state, powered off, the phone took two hours, four minutes to fully charge from the MobileLite Wireless Pro. However it takes roughly fifteen minutes to get that last 1% and a 90% charge was completed in just a little over an hour. Kingston's claim of 2.5x smartphone charges from a single MobileLite Wireless Pro charge seems to be true, as even after bringing the phone to 100%, the status light stayed green, indicating >51% remaining. It was only after having it powered on for an hour and testing file transfers that the status light changed to orange, indicating that the battery had dropped <50%.

Let's wrap up with some final thoughts.

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