iPhone Portable Power Station
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 02-10-2008
Provided by: USB Fever
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Installation and Usage

Mounting the iPhone onto the Power Station is no different from the Apple dock, simply plug it in. As mentioned earlier, you can use the Power Station as a dock / stand or as a phone case. To do the latter, simply lay the phone down and "clip" it into the back panel of the Power Station. Then if you want, install the silicone case around the Power Station / iPhone.

The Power Station is relatively easy to use and you have a few different options. You can elect to charge the Power Station by itself without the iPhone connected, or you can charge both the Power Station and the iPhone at the same time. You can charge the Power Station using your USB port or the wall charger, just like you would with the iPhone.

To activate the Power Station, press the On/Off button located beside the LED status indicator. The button is a bit tricky; at first, I thought the unit was defective because I couldn't get it to turn on. The instruction manual says to hold the button down for two seconds - not true. You simply have to press the button with a good bit of force or else it won't turn on/off. Once I figured this out, I had no issues activating the Power Station.

Next up, testing results and our conclusion...

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