Otterbox for iPhone Defender Series
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 02-02-2008
Provided by: Otterbox
First Look

Here we have the actual phone case and the included holster with belt clip. The holster is constructed of very hard plastic and doesn't have any large holes (only two tiny ones) on the bottom, so you don't have to worry about your iPhone slipping out the bottom. The belt clip is extremely sturdy and uses a ratcheting mechanism so you can move the holster 360-degrees to best accommodate how you want to use it in any given situation (for example, when sitting down, you may want to have the holster positioned horizontally).

The first photo above is a shot of the left side of the case. There are two buttons for volume control, but notice that the Silencer switch is missing. This is noted on OtterBox's website under the features / specifications. This can be a bit of a pain, but there is a semi-useful workaround. Simply use the volume control button to turn the ringer volume all the way down. This makes incoming calls silent, but notifications (new text message, email, etc.) still make noise unless set otherwise in the options.

Moving along, the next photo is of the top of the case. A silicon plug is used to cover the headset jack and a button is used for the sleep/wake button. At the opposite end, another silicon plug is used to cover the sync/charging port. The mic and external speaker are both covered with fiber which will help keep dust/dirt out but allow sound waves to penetrate the material.

The front of the case has a cutout for the speaker used when making calls, which is also covered with the same fiber that is used on the mic and external speaker. Above this is another cutout for the iPhone's proximity sensor (turns the screen on / off depending on how close it is to your face). At the bottom we find the home button - nothing out of the ordinary here.

On the back of the case, we find two "windows" - one for the iPhone's camera and the other used to display the Apple logo. The Otterbox name is imprinted in the center, with everything else being covered by the external silicon jacket.

Move ahead as we tackle installation...

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