OtterBox iPhone Armor Case with Waterproof Headphones
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 07-01-2008
Provided by: OtterBox
First Look

Inside the retail package, we find the Armor case itself, an instruction sheet (both wrapped in plastic) and an OtterBox mini catalog. The instruction sheet details how to install your iPhone in the case in three different languages, and also covers maintenance and warranty information. Directions are clear and precise and photos are included for visual aid - very well done.

Here we see the Armor case out of the plastic wrapper. Do note that there is a protective strip over the clear membrane, which makes it look hazy in these photos. The Armor case is available in solid black as well as the yellow shown here. The face of the case has a grippy silicon surface which should make it easy to hold on to and help prevent damage when dropped. Around back, we see cutouts for the Apple reflective logo and the iPhone's camera. Near the bottom are two clips used to open / close the case. At the top of the case, we find the power button and a headphone jack. On the bottom, all we have are two small holes for the speaker and microphone.

On the left side of the case are the volume adjustment buttons. The right side is pretty plan, as there are no buttons on this side of the iPhone.

As you can already tell by the lack of a docking port and access to the silent ringer switch, this isn't an "everyday" case, but is more geared for when you are going to be out in the elements.

Next up, let's take a look at the included Waterproof Headphones...

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