OtterBox iPhone Armor Case with Waterproof Headphones
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 07-01-2008
Provided by: OtterBox

OtterBox has been around since 1996, catering to the "klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle". Whether you are into hiking, biking, camping, skiing, swimming or any other outdoor activity, OtterBox likely has a product that will allow you to safely bring your electronic gadgets along for the ride. Today I will be taking a look at the OtterBox Armor Case for the iPhone, the more rugged alternative to the Defender Case that we reviewed earlier this year. Unlike the Defender series, the Armor series is fully waterproof up to 3 feet, and OtterBox even included a set of Waterproof Headphones for us to try out.

Each product comes in its own retail package, so we will first take a look at the OtterBox Armor case then move on to the headphones. The Armor case arrived in OtterBox's traditional yellow / black packaging with their Otter mascot (I wonder if he has a name) and a photo of the case itself and a short features list. The back of the retail package offers up a few "in the field" photos and a link to their website. Below is a list of technical specifications, borrowed from OtterBox's website.

One thing not mentioned here (but is covered in the manual) is the fact that the Armor case is only waterproof for up to 30 minutes. This is because the vents used on the case will saturate with water after 30 minutes and may allow a small amount of water to leak into the case.

With that said, let's move ahead and check out the package contents...

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