ioSafe Solo 500 GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Connan Schafstall
Date: 08-26-2009
Provided by: ioSafe
Extreme Testing

We wanted to put the ioSafe enclosure through a full battery of tests that include exposure to water and fire which is exactly what we did.

I decided to test the enclosure at a friend's house who lives out in the country as there was nowhere around my place to start a fire. But beforehand, I loaded the drive with all of the review photos I had snapped up to that point. If the drive fails, I am out of luck in terms of photos (okay not really, as I kept a copy on the camera, but still)! The drive worked as advertised so it was time to torture test the enclosure.

The plan here was to first submerge the enclosure in water for a bit, then remove it and place it over an open fire for a while and finally dunk it back into the water for a quick cool down. This last step was to simulate how the fire department might hose down the drive (and the rest of your charred house) as well as allow us to handle it without waiting hours for it to cool down.

I brought along my temperature gun but it tops out at around 600 F so it wasn't too useful. We saw temps as low as ~400 F up to the point where it error'd out.

Below are some photos we snapped as well as a video of the testing and subsequent hard drive extraction and testing.

As you can see, we really put the drive through a lot.

We left the drive submerged in water for 15-20 minutes before moving it over to the fire. The unit bubbled a good bit as the water traveled throughout the inside of the enclosure.

The drive sat atop the fire for about 20-25 minutes total. It was first placed in the upright position, then midway through we laid it down on its side for a more even burn. Finally, we dunked it back into the container of water for a quick and steamy cool down. It was already nearly night time by this point and we had plans that evening so we elected to let the enclosure sit overnight before doing the tear down / hard drive extraction process the next day.

Continue ahead as we check out some photos of the enclosure after testing and analyze the hard drive extraction process and testing.

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