ioSafe Solo 500 GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Connan Schafstall
Date: 08-26-2009
Provided by: ioSafe
First Look

The Solo drive is about the same size and shape as my battery backup unit. The enclosure is silver in color with a nice finish. I checked ioSafe’s site for other color options but it appears silver is your only option.

The front of the enclosure has the company name and model printed in black, red and gray text. There is also an array of holes that let blue light pass through when the unit is turned on. Both sides are plain with nothing of interest.

On the top of the enclosure we find seven Phillips screws. The same set of screws and layout is also found on the bottom, although four screws are covered by rubber feet and two others are covered by warranty stickers.

You may also notice an extrusion with a hole on the bottom side. This is for security purposes and allows you to either bolt the enclosure onto something secure or add a cable lock or possibly even a padlock. This is a good idea and could go a long way to preventing a thief from walking off with your valuable data.

On the back of the drive we find a sticker reminding the user to activate the drive within seven days of purchase to take advantage of the included data recovery service.

There is also a sticker with serial number and product number as well as a power switch, USB port, power adapter connector and a series of holes to allow the internal cooling fan to do its job. Below the power adapter connector is a plate with an engraved serial number. Yet again, a good idea, as the sticker with serial number obviously wouldn’t survive any type of disaster. We shall see if the engraved plate is still readable after our testing.

That pretty much covers the enclosure itself. Move ahead as we get down to testing... extreme style!

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