ioSafe N2 NAS / RAID Storage Solution
Author: Michael O'Neill
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-29-2013
Provided by: ioSafe

There are very little negative things to say about the ioSafe N2. The unit features very high quality construction and the protection it provides to the internal disks is unrivaled by any competitors. While cloud storage is becoming more and more popular every day, the ioSafe N2 is perfect for individuals and businesses that simply have too much data or not enough bandwidth to utilize a cloud provider. The added data protection service is also unrivaled and give you piece of mind that your data is protected beyond any catastrophic failures.

We really wanted to put the N2 though full fire and water disaster testing like we did with the ioSafe SoloPRO enclosure but unfortunately this unit had to be sent back to the company afterwards. Based on previous testing, however, we have little doubt that the drives inside would survive unscathed.

The thing that really makes the N2 shine is the Synology DSM software. This software is powerful, scalable and anything but restrictive. It can simply provide basic file access or scale all the way up to be a full blown server. Combined with the various plugins, this unit can be a Swiss Army Knife of tech appliances and can practically serve any need, far beyond what a normal NAS can do. The N2 could be a very solid storage and server solution for consumers and businesses alike. There are features an individual can leverage as well as a large enterprise. The sky truly is the limit!

While the unit is pricey, and price is something I normally have no problems raising as a problem with the reviews I do, I feel like the N2 is worth the cost. The data protection plan alone is worth the high price as getting this done from a 3rd party data recovery service will exceed the cost of this unit by several fold. Combine this with protection the chassis provides against the elements and the Synology DSM software and you will be more than happy with your purchase in this reviewer’s opinion. I look forward to future offerings from ioSafe and hope they continue to push units out that are as impressive as the N2. awards the ioSafe N2 our Gold Seal of Approval!

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