In-Win Metal Suit GD Mid-Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-15-2008
Provided by: In-Win

The drive rails have the same color scheme used throughout the Metal Suit, and In-Win has ingeniously incorporated rubber inserts into the plastic rails that should help to isolate vibration and noise. This is the first I have seen a rail design like this, kudos to In-Win for coming up with this feature. The rails are tool-less and quickly snap into drive mounting holes, although the rubber does impede the smoothness somewhat when sliding the drive into the case.

The fan shroud does a good job of hiding much of the cabling for the front panel and hard drives located at the bottom of the case, and the easy fold-down attachment prevents it from getting in the way during installation. It is a bit tight front-to-back inside when mounting the motherboard due to the tray that holds the drive rails sticking out the rear of the bay slightly. Once the motherboard is in place this tray could not be easily removed from the back, but individual rails can be quickly snapped out without taking the tray out of the bay.

The tool-less riser clips operate flawlessly and do an excellent job of holding cards in place. The cabling for the fans is easy, the front and rear 120mm use a 3-pin connector that can plug into a motherboard header, while the two 80mm fans in the shroud have pass-through 4-pin molex plugs. In-Win also includes a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter in case you don't want either the intake or exhaust plugged into the board. All of the fans operate quietly even at full voltage.

Both side panels are held in place, not with the typical thumbscrews or as in some cases door latches, but with easy to operate clasps that snap into place and prevent the panel from sliding towards the rear. I have not seen this type of attachment used in any other case previously and have to admit it's one of the easiest methods I've ever seen and used to hold a side panel on. Unlike most center door handle/latches that still allow some flex or movement in the door (and are typically backed up with thumbscrews for moving the case around), these clasps keep the panel locked securely in place.

The front LED illumination is subtle but gives the Metal Suit some extra bling. I was actually wishing for some more either towards the top or bottom, or even along the side coming from the air scoop or intake grill. A side panel window would have also been great to show off that fine looking fan shroud. But overall the function of the case is perfectly fine although the door opens to the right which is the opposite direction from most.

On to final thoughts and conclusion.

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