Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB DDR3-2133 Kit
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-16-2013
Provided by: Kingston

The HyperX Predator series memory uses an oversize heat spreader done in blue anodized aluminum with black X logo. Kingston claims this helps prolong the life of the memory and given the slightly elevated voltage requirements - up to 1.65V on some kits - this probably isn't a bad idea. Seemingly taller even than their other enthusiast level memory, the Beast and H2O line, the Predator heat spreaders effectively double the height of the memory which may cause interference issues with some CPU coolers. Possible combinations of capacity, speed and latency include:

8GB 1866 CAS9
16GB 1866 CAS10
8GB 2133 CAS11
16GB 2133 CAS11
8GB 2400 CAS11
8GB 2666 CAS11

The specification sticker on the kit we received details the memory as a 16GB 2133 CAS11 1.6V set. While 2133MHz is a respectable speed, and 16GB provides plenty of overhead for some serious multi-tasking or virtualization, the relatively high CAS11 timing will likely hurt performance at this speed. If you can make due with only an 8GB kit for example, the same CAS11 can be had in 2400 and even 2666 speeds. Achieving these settings will require some overclocking of course, even if only changing a BIOS option to use the programmed XMP profiles. The modules revert to DDR3-1333 by default.

Let's get this Kingston HyperX Predator memory installed and tested.

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