nMediaPC HTPC-6000B ATX HTPC Case
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-26-2009
Provided by: nMediaPC

Test Rig:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 45nm
ASRock P45X3 Deluxe Intel P45 motherboard
Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3-2000 4GB kit
Sparkle Calibre geForce 9800GTX+ video card
ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 Dual Hybrid TV Card
Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 850 watt power supply
Cooljag Falcon II CPU Cooler
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Installation is a little different from your standard midtower, but not that much. First, I removed the drive bay shelf. Then I installed the optical drive. The best way I can tell you to get it lined up is put the drive into the bay, reinstall the bay into the case, and push the drive as far toward the front of the case as it will go. Observe how much of the drive is protruding from the rear of the bay. There happened to be an indented rectangle on my drive that one edge lined up perfectly with the edge of the bay. Turn the bay rack over and observe the holes intended for the optical drive. There are two elongated holes and four normal screw holes, two on each side. Move the drive to where it was positioned in the case, and determine the pair of holes nearest to that position.

You will have to raise the drive up to reach the screws, which is kind of a pain. You could probably dispense with using these holes and just use the elongated holes, but I like more than just a pair of screws.

I next installed the hard drive. Rather than go through the procedure, if you are installing more than four HDDs, consult the included instructions. I installed one drive. Use the longest screws included in the hardware pack to go through the rubber anti-vibration grommets.

Then I installed the motherboard. The instructions called for replacing the drive bays next, so I guess it doesn't matter, I felt more comfortable with the extra room and ability to see the entire header wires and USB cable. I connected those and the SATA cable before reinstalling the drive bays. I used an ugly ribbon IDE cable for my optical drive and waited until the power supply cables were stowed before installing that.

Next I reinstalled the drive bay rack. It was much easier to connect the SATA cable(s) before placing the rack into the case.

Then I installed the power supply. My PSU has some really long cables, fortunately there is plenty of room under the drive bay rack to stow them. My cable management would have been pretty good if it wasn't for the stupid IDE cable.

Next I installed the video card and my TV tuner card. Actually, my full length 9800GTX+ fit easily, but again, if the power connectors had been on the rear of the card it would not have fit at all.

I double-checked my work, and that was it. I'll clean things up later when I have more time.

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