Thermalright HR-01 High Riser Heatsink
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-02-2006
Provided by: Thermalright
Closer Look

Here we see the HR-01 comes packaged in the traditional Thermalright plain brown cardboard box. However, they have sent along something quite different this time. A see-through plastic container with something that looks like one of those expandable dryer-type vents.

Setting aside the odd vent-thing for now, we open the Thermalright box to find everything packed neatly inside and well protected by foam. We also see they've included very detailed and easy to understand instructions (as has become the norm for them) as well as the infamous Thermalright sticker.

In addition to the foam, the HR-01 comes wrapped in thick, heavy plastic. There's also a small box of accessories.

The heatsink itself is large, but not overly much so. At least not compared to the likes of sinks such as the XP-120 and SI-120. The HR-01 uses a similar type base, with 8 heatpipes coming out and rising up through the carefully separated fins. There's certainly a LOT of surface area to be found here, much more so than their previous designs.

The base is a typical type construction for Thermalright, made up of nickel-plated copper with a machined bottom surface. The finish on this heatsink is not polished, but still shows the markings from the smoothing process. As a result, the base is barely reflective, although as we have found from their previous products, this does not appear to have a significant impact on heatsink performance.

The accessory box contents are notably sparse this time, there's no multitude of different size and length fan clips that you would normally find with a Thermalright product, but rather only a simple mounting clip mechanism and a tube of thermal paste.

Let's see how difficult the HR-01 is to install.

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