NZXT HALE82 650W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-30-2011
Provided by: NZXT

With the HALE82 line of power supplies, NZXT has come up with a way to bring quality and efficiency to the masses. Although not quite as good as its bigger HALE90 sibling, the HALE82 offers similar features and reliability at a significantly reduced price. In addition to the same five year warranty as the HALE90, NZXT introduces something new with the HALE82 called <3 (less-than-three). NZXT <3 offers replacement for covered power supplies in three easy steps, with shipping paid both ways, for any unit that fails within the warranty period. Advance shipment is also available, and shipping is via three day delivery. Full details on this program are available at NZXT.

I liked the fact that the HALE82 650W offers dual +12V 4+4 pin / 8-pin connectors as well as the quad 6+2 pin PCI-E with one set of these being hard-wired and one as modular. Built by Seasonic, and offering a full continuous 650W load, the HALE82 650W can easily handle a system even at 85-90% of its rated capacity, while still holding within +/- .01V variance at full load.

What I did not care for is the noisy fan that NZXT opted to put in this unit. It has been some time since I remember last hearing a power supply fan outside the case, but the HALE82 650W with its ADDA 120mm fan sure is a screamer. Producing almost 25dBA even under idle conditions and over 40dBA under a high load, you will notice the difference between this and something that is truly quiet like the HALE90. If noise is not a factor for you, or you plan on putting less than 325W load on it, then you may not mind it at all.

I found the NZXT HALE82 650W for around $110 online, which represents about a 25% discount over its more prestigious HALE90 sibling, however there are many other Bronze-rated PSUs (and even some Silver and Gold) that go for less. Certainly other factors such as the quality and reliability are to be considered, not to mention the top-notch warranty program, however NZXT may be in for a more difficult sell at this price range than the HALE90 found itself one year ago. awards the NZXT HALE82 650W power supply our Silver Seal of Approval.

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