NZXT HALE82 650W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-30-2011
Provided by: NZXT

Unlike the HALE90, the HALE82 comes in a more traditional matte black finish, although it does carry a similar white bladed fan albeit in a smaller 120mm size compared to the HALE90's 140mm fan. NZXT includes a manual, mounting screws, power cord and modular cable bag with the unit. The hard-wired cables consist of the main 24-pin ATX, 4+4 pin CPU and 6+2/6+2 PCI-E bundle, while the modular cables offer an additional 8-pin CPU, 6+2/6+2 PCI-E, six SATA and six 4-pin Molex. There is no 4-pin floppy connector.

The IDE/SATA modular connections are all 6-pin while the CPU/PCI-E cables use an 8-pin configuration. This ensures that you won't get a cable plugged into the wrong socket. The hard-wired connections are all sleeved in a black nylon mesh, while the modular cables feature NZXT's molded black ribbon style like we saw in the HALE90 series. The main 20+4pin ATX connectors do snap together to make installation easier, however the 4+4 pin CPU connector does not. Neither do the 6+2/6+2pin PCI-E, although they at least are helped in place by tabs on the smaller 2-pin pieces. The modular CPU cable is strictly an 8-pin though, it can not be separated into halves.

Also like the HALE90, the HALE82 does not include a UL identification to tell us who the supplier is, although sources point to Seasonic (not SuperFlower) as the OEM manufacturer. Output indicated on the unit is rated at 25A/25A/53A for the +3.3/+5/+12V rails, differing slightly from the NZXT website specs, which lists the +3.3V at just 23A. The unit is rated for a full 650W maximum combined, continuous wattage, with up to 636W of that available on the single +12V rail.

The posted online specs list the HALE82 cable length at 550mm for all of the wiring, however as we can see from our unit, the 4+4 pin wired CPU cable is significantly longer than the ATX or PCI-E. This actually works to our benefit, as during installation in most mid to full tower cases with bottom mount power supplies, the CPU cable requires the most amount of reach. The modular cables however, including the 8-pin CPU, measure exactly 550mm, or not quite 22", between the connectors. Thus if your motherboard requires dual CPU power, you may end up using an extension for the modular connection.

Here we get a look at the inside of the HALE82. The fan used is an ADDA AD1212UB-A70GL model, rated at up to 98CFM @ 43dBA. According to NZXT's website, the fan will run at a reduced voltage, producing just under 25dBA at up to 50% (325W) load, at which point the speed will ramp up quickly, reaching 40dBA at around 550W load. Compared to our HALE90 specs this fan appears quite noisy, as the 140mm fan on that unit is rated for just 16-19dBA depending on load.

The report lists the NZXT HALE82 650W at 83/86/83% efficient at 25/50/90% load. This easily meets the 80Plus Bronze certification of 82/85/82% and matches exactly the Seasonic SS-650AM model report.

Let's get the HALE82 installed and perform some testing.

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