NZXT HALE90 750W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-29-2010
Provided by: NZXT

Although most power supplies come in either a plain gray or painted black finish, the HALE90 surprisingly features a bright white enclosure. Certain bits, like the power socket, fan grill, modular connectors and cables are a contrasting black. Accessories are pretty sparse, just a user manual, power cord and pouch to store your unused cables. NZXT backs the HALE90 power supplies with an impressive five year warranty.

The HALE90 models are semi-modular, with the primary 20+4pin ATX and 4+4pin +12V CPU/EPS cables hard-wired to the unit. These are pretty standard, multi-colored wires bundled in black mesh with matching black connectors and heatshrink. The modular cables however all feature a molded black jacketing very reminiscent of Ultra's X3 generation FlexForce cables. NZXT lists the length for all its cables as 550mm or about 21 inches. Included are two 6pin PCI-e, two 6+2pin PCI-e, two SATA with four connectors each and two peripheral cables with four Molex on one, and three Molex plus a Floppy connector on the other.

Although NZXT lists the ATX and CPU cables as the same 550mm length, these are actually a little longer for compatibility with most full tower cases that have bottom-mount power supply locations. The 20+4pin and 4+4pin connectors don't snap together, however they do have tabs to help hold each side in place.

With a single +12V rail design, and all modular cables using the same 8pin connector configuration on the power supply side, you don't have to worry about which socket to plug into. A single large 140mm fan cools the unit, rated for between 16 and 18dB, depending on load.

The HALE90 series is 80Plus Gold rated, meaning it must meet a minimum 87/90/87% efficiency at 20/50/100% load. Although the label does not list a UL Id to indicate the OEM, sources tell us this is Super Flower, a Taiwanese power supply manufacturer. I've not seen a Super Flower unit in years, however they were very popular under the TTGI brand, particularly the 520W model, when I first got into overclocking about eight years ago. Output ratings on the HALE90 750W are 24A each for the +3.3V and +5V, and 62A for the +12V rail.

Continue as we install the HALE90 750W and perform some testing.

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