nVidia GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Card
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-09-2011
Provided by: Geeks

Here we see the differences between the three GF104 and one GF100 cards. In Geeks product documentation our card is described as having a 675Mhz core, 336 stream processors and 1Gb of GDDR5 with 115.2Gb/s memory bandwidth, indicating it must be the GTX 460 1 GB PCI Express Graphics Card.

The card we received is a plain, white box version with a reference style cooler. There is only a single 6pin PCI-E power connector, which seems strange as GTX 460 1Gb cards normally come with dual 6pin PCI-E, since they have a 160W TDP. A 16x PCI-E slot is only rated for 75W, plus another 75W per each 6pin connector.

Upon removing the cooler we find a GF104-350-A1 core, which points to this being an OEM card. OEM GTX 460s are similar to full GTX 460 1Gb cards in the number of cores and the memory interface, however they operate with reduced voltage and clocks like the SE model. This brings the TDP down to 150W which allows the OEMs to get away with the single PCI-E power.

There are no fancy copper inserts or heatpipes used in this cooler, just a block of skived aluminum for the core. A separate aluminum memory plate holds everything together, including the fan and shroud. There is no cooling for the VRMs. I realize this is an OEM card and the 460 is not a top of the line GPU, but I expected a better cooler design than this. It reminds me of a low cost GTS style heatsink.

Let's get the card installed and verify our findings.

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