Gelid Silent Spirit CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-04-2008
Provided by: Gelid Solutions
The Cooler

The Gelid Silent Spirit comes ready to install on Intel socket 775 motherboards using the standard push-pin style connectors. Brackets are included to allow the Spirit to be used on AMD sockets 754, 939 and AM2 as well. Gelid is also planning to release mounting hardware for Intel's new Socket 1366 very soon. Instructions come with the cooler, as well as a Gelid case sticker, however there are so few pieces the installation is really self-explanatory. Gelid even pre-applies their GC-1 high performance thermal compound on the base, although as you'll see we opted to remove this for closer inspection of the surface.

If it appears to you that the cooler looks bent or is leaning in the pictures, you're not just seeing things. Gelid has designed the Spirit with an angled fin surface to optimize the flow of air through the fins, assist in cooling surrounding components and prevent backflow of air from impeding airflow like in traditional top-down coolers. In this way the cooler can be installed to "aim" at least some of the airflow in a particular direction, to aid in cooling memory sticks or power components for example.

The four copper heatpipes are soldered to the copper base for better heat transfer. The base plate is a bit on the small side, barely big enough to cover the full size of modern CPU's IHS. The surface is highly grooved, throwing very little reflection from its machined finish, and in fact our example has a minor imperfection, a small ding or nick out of the center.

As I will be installing the Spirit on my AMD system, I had to change out the mounting brackets. With a single screw on each side the clips are easily exchanged in preparation for the installation.

Now let's have a go at installing the Gelid Silent Spirit.

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