Gateway FX 6840-01e Desktop Gaming System
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 09-27-2010
Provided by: Gateway
First Look

Included in the retail box is the computer itself, wired USB keyboard, wired USB mouse, a quick setup guide and various other documentation.

For a manufactured PC, the Gateway FX is an attractive machine. All of the drive bays on the front of the computer are stealthed. The 16X DVD+/-R/RW optical drive is hidden behind the 2nd drive bay cover and is accessible by pressing a button on the right side of the front bezel. The 3rd drive bay is also set up to house an optical drive, although a second isn't included (nor is it really needed). You could easily house a fan controller or other accessory here as well. The next three drive bay covers hide the dual hot swap bays. The cover slides down to reveal the two hot swap bays.

The Gateway name and FX logo are printed on the front of the case. The ATI, Windows 7 and Intel case stickers are placed at the bottom of the front bezel.

The left side panel is solid black with a perforated area over the expansion card slots. The panel is held in place with two screws and features a locking slot to keep your hardware safe at LAN parties. There are also three red meshed areas on each side of the case that light up red when the computer is on. The glow is subtle and can be disabled by flipping a knob on the top of the case.

More just ahead.

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