Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-08-2009
Provided by: Gameskulls

Inside the Gameskulls box we find an instruction sheet and a soft cloth drawstring bag similar to what you find motorcycle helmets and other high-end headgear shipped in. The single page details some installation and usage tips and stresses the importance of safety and awareness of your surroundings when using the helmet. The Gameskulls logo as well as the amusing cartoon at the bottom depict a sort of viking-style helmet with horns that is much different than the product we have for review. Possibly they plan to offer this model in the future, or perhaps their lawyers advised against it, lol.

The GS-1 Tactical Helmet appears to be modeled after the US Military PASGT or Personal Armor System for Ground Troops helmet used from the late-80s up to 2003, although also similar in appearance to the USMC LWH or Light Weight Helmet currently in use today. In either case, the shape may not be immediately distinguishable to all viewers since military versions of the helmet typically used cloth covers of various colored camouflage print. The flat black finish however is indicative of the SWAT version of the helmet which is rarely used with a cover. Only the boom microphone and audio cable are a dead giveaway that the helmet is anything other than just that at first glance. The Gameskulls logo on the front center and brushed aluminum name plate on the rear where the reflective "cat eyes" can normally be found draw attention to the fact that this is more than a simple replica helmet.

The PASGT/LWH helmet shape seems ideal for incorporating a headset as there are enlarged pocket areas on either side that easily accommodate the bulk of the padded ear cups. The cups are slightly elongated ovals mounted on a swivel so that they can be rotated 360 for comfort. The drivers with 50mm magnets found inside are designed for crisp communications and powerful audio response. The boom mic is adjustable and features a foam padded pickup to help filter noise and distortion. The audio cable is maybe too long at ten feet, and uses standard sized gold-plated mini jacks. Adapters for USB, PS3 and XBox 360 are available as options. The interior suspension and headband are adjustable for height and circumference.

Next up, usage and testing.

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