Logitech G35 Gaming Headphones
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-20-2009
Provided by: Logitech
Usage / Conclusion


When I first put these headphones on, I noticed how heavy they seemed to be. It was a bit different from the normal headphones I have used in the past. After about five minutes however, I got used to them. From then on the weight never bothered me again.

The headband pads can be easily removed and swapped out without an issue. I didn't think much of this until I tried out the different pads. They really do make a difference, as I found one of them that fit a lot better than the other two.

Since the earmuffs were designed to rest on your head and not your ears, they are very comfortable. I got involved in a gaming marathon while using these. I was connected for over six hours at once and never had any discomfort. Since they do cover your ears completely it does a great job of sound deadening. I couldn't hear anything going on around me. I could barely hear my own voice as I talked into the microphone. This took a bit to get used to as I was always talking too loud.


The preset buttons are a nice feature but are lacking. You cannot add your own programs for these buttons to control. This is quite a let down as the only supported programs are iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Ventrillo 3.0.5, PowerDVD 8.0, WinDVD 9.0, and the G35 voice morphing/Audio controls. Logitech mentions that future updates might include more applications. In these programs, you can control things like launch the application, play/pause, next track, previous track, etc.

The volume wheel could be more sensitive. I found that moving the wheel one full rotation with your thumb only makes the volume going up or down a little bit. This forces you to spin the wheel over and over again to lower or raise the volume.


I have to say I really like the way the microphone works. It looks great and functions equally as well. I got on Skype and carried on a conversation with someone without any problems. They said they could hear me crystal clear.

The voice morphing thing is neat, but it got annoying real quick for the people I was talking to. The point of the pitch is to get it to match your voice before you apply any morphing. This way the morphed voice won't sound all garbled up.


I installed Crysis to test out the surround sound. I started off running with it off and it sounded good. Once I flipped it on, the world came alive. Everything had a depth to it and I could hear all the little sounds that otherwise wouldn't have come through. Sneaking through the woods trying to stealth kill people was a breeze since I could distinctly pinpoint where they were. In a giant fire fight I had no problems picking out where I needed to turn next to get a kill. The explosions and bass notes were amazing. I didn't think headphones could pull that off, but these do.


Since this headset was designed for gaming, I didn't think they would perform that great for music. Turns out, I was wrong. They sound amazing. The distinction between the highs, mids, and lows is very clear. None of the music is jumbled together. Turning them up full blast doesn't cause it to distort either.


I popped in a DVD of Superman Returns to see how the surround sound would perform. I hate to overuse the word amazing, but that's what it was. With the sound deadening blocking out all sounds in the house and hearing Superman whiz past my head, I felt like I was at the movies.


Overall these are fantastic headphones. They sound amazing no matter what you're doing with them. If you're in a situation where you can't crank up a sound system, these headphones would be perfect for you. The only downside is they can only be used on the PC, since the only connection is USB. With more and more people using HTPCs (like myself), then it won't be an issue. Priced at $130 at the time of this review, this could be a good replacement for worn out speakers.

+ Excellent sound quality
+ Believable 7.1 surround sound
+ Comfortable
+ Good microphone clarity

- Button Presets lack full customization
- Only USB

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