LapWorks Futura Laptop Desk
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-03-2008
Provided by: LapWorks

A while back I reviewed a couple of USB notebook coolers. I liked them and thought it a great concept. But after using them for a while for the main reason I'd want a cooler, for use in the lap, I realized that I really didn't like the USB cable.

With the notebook on your lap, you're not going to use a mouse and odds are, a hanging USB cable will eventually get in the way. Though I did like the fans in the coolers, for lap work I really just need something that keeps my legs from covering the vents in the bottom of the notebook and to keep the heat off of my legs. Though the fans didn't seem to shorten battery life that much, using sans external power is a race between the time you finish working and the time the battery dies. You definitely want to win that race.

Along comes the LapWorks Futura Laptop desk, a simple-to-use, power-free platform designed to do exactly what I need. Will the Futura take the place of a powered notebook cooler? Read on and see.

LapWorks is based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and was founded in 2000 by company president Jose Calero. Mr Calero realized that there was a need for products to help prevent heat and drop damage to laptops, and heat, neck, and shoulder injuries to laptop users. The Futura is the latest in LapWork's line of multiple-use laptop desks. Not only is it used in the lap, but doubles as an ergonomic stand for using the laptop on a desk or table. LapWorks also offers free resources on their website to show ergonomic ways of using notebooks to help prevent personal injury.


Material – High Impact ABS Plastic
Dimensions – (unfolded) 21” x 11” x 3/8” (folded) 11” x 10 ¾” x ¾”
Weight – 16 ¼ oz
Color – Gray

Features (mobile application):

- Gripping rubber on both sides to grip both notebook and clothes
- Spans the lap completely to allow legs to relax apart in a comfortable position
- Prevents “hot leg” by allowing heat to escape more efficiently
- Super light weight adds little heft to your carrying case and overall load
- Futuristic oval-burst shape differentiates the Futura over any competitor
- Compact size, folds down to slim profile taking up little space in notebook case
- Absorbs impact when stored in the notebook carrying case, protecting the computer
- Heavy duty hinges prevent sagging, maintaining an absolutely flat work surface
- Made from high impact ABS plastic, color is UV inhibited and won't separate
- One year warranty…but it is so strong, it will last a lifetime

Features (stationary application):

- Cool air enters from beneath the Futura and moves through the ventilation slots to cool the notebook
- Super gripping rubber pads anchor the computer to the desktop preventing slipping, sliding, and accidental bumps
- Positionable support arm lets you select from five ergonomically comfortable typing angles increasing productivity and reducing back and shoulder strain
- Elevates the viewing screen up to 3 ¾” closer to eye level, cutting down on neck and shoulder strain

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