FSP Group Power-Mod 700 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-20-2008
Provided by: FSP Group

In the early part of this decade, there really wasn't a big choice if you wanted a quality power supply. Only three brands really come to mind, and maybe a fourth. Today, there are so many that the choices are bewildering. There are 59 brands at my favorite online retailer, and I can think of some that aren't listed there. Actually, I found a database with over 300 brands of power supplies, though I'm sure that they all aren't manufacturers of PC power supplies. Most of these are brands you've never heard of, others are brands that everyone knows, though for other hardware.

But few of these actually build power supplies, rather they are built by someone else, an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), and relabeled by the vendor.

Among those brands is one that you likely haven't heard of, FSP Group. FSP Group started building OEM power supplies in 1993. Over the last 15 years they have grown into a quite a large company, one of the largest power supply manufacturers in the world. Of course, they build more than just PC power supplies - their products include power supplies for various electronics components and industrial power supplies. A real innovator, they were building 80% plus efficiency power supplies as early as 2004. They built the first fanless PC power supply. And they still build OEM PSUs, the power supply in your rig may very well have been built by FSP.

For some time, FSP Group has been marketing retail PC power supplies in America under the name Fortron Source, and more recently under their real name, FSP Group. Today I will be looking at one of their latest power supplies, a 700 watt PSU in the new Power-Mod series. It is a modular power supply with SLI certification and over 80% efficiency. Will this power supply impress? Read on to see!


The FSP Group Power-Mod Series is brand new. There is no information on FSP's website yet, and I can't find one for sale. I have limited information on the specs; here's what I have:

Advanced Variable Thermal Sensing and Control Technology
Ultra Quiet 120mm Ball-Bearing Fan
Quad 12V Rail Design (18A, 18A, 18A, 18A)
Active PFC 80%+ Efficiency
1-Watt Standby-Energy Saver
ATX 12V 2.2/EPS 12V 2.91
Approvals: UL, CE, CSA, FCC B
Green Energy: RoHS, WEEE, G.P.

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