Thermaltake Frio Advanced & Extreme Coolers
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-28-2012
Provided by: Thermaltake

In contrast to the Frio Advanced, the Extreme cooler requires a little more assembly and appears perhaps a little less refined. There's no fancy colored logo and no cosmetically-appealing fan shrouds. The Extreme's two fans must be attached via bare wire clips to an otherwise spartan looking set of tower fins. I am reminded of such utilitarian designs as Noctua's D14.

Leaving the fans off will no doubt be a requirement during installation, as the Frio Extreme is one huge cooler. Another advantage is the flexibility of fan configuration. Although typically displayed in a push-push orientation, Thermaltake has optional holes for a possible pull-pull or push-pull layout as well. Alternately the user could elect to forgo one fan and run with just a single, or quite possibly none at all, depending on heat dissipation requirements and environmental considerations.

The Frio Extreme utilizes six heatpipes in a traditional soldered base that has been finished with a mirror-like shine. It also includes a fan module and cable to optionally control both fans using PWM or VR method, whichever is preferred.

Let's install the Frio Advanced and Extreme and see how they perform.

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