CoolIT Freezone CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 02-28-2007
Provided by: CoolIT
First Look

The Freezone is packaged inside a custom-fitted Styrofoam container which ensures a safe delivery. Included with the Freezone unit is everything you need to install the Fluid Heat Exchanger (water block) on AMD Socket 754, Socket 939 and Socket 940 CPUs as well as Intel Socket 755 and 478 CPUs... and a fan bracket. A 14-page full color installation guide is also provided which gives you a complete, step-by-step walk-through of installing the Fluid Heat Exchanger on each of the above Sockets.

Here we see the Freezone from virtually every angle. The aluminum side will face outwards when installed, so if you have a window on your side panel, this is what you will see. Moving around to the back, we see the included 92mm fan attached to the chiller unit. The fan speed is controlled via the included Thermal Control Module (TCM). The TCM will automatically adjust the fan speed and TEC output based on CPU load, or you can manually configure the fan speed and TEC output via a potentiometer located on the TCM. More on that in a bit.

As you can see, CoolIT did a nice job with the tubing on this system, using coils to prevent kinking. The blue-ish liquid in the system is a mixture of low-toxin polypropylene glycol and distilled water. This mixture will prevent bacteria from growing in the system. The tubing itself is made of vapor resistant materials which will prevent liquid from escaping over time. That being said, the only maintenance you will need to do on the Freezone is to occasionally dust the cooling fan.

Hose clamps are used on all tubing connection points to ensure a leak-free operation. The Fluid Heat Exchanger comes with thermal grease pre-installed; one less step you have to do during installation. This pretty much covers the Freezone unit, so let's move ahead and check out installation...

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