OCZ Flex EX PC3-17000 12GB Triple Channel Memory Kit
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 11-23-2010
Provided by: OCZ Technology

I will test the modules at each speed using SiSoft Sandra 2010 SP3 and Everest Home Edition. Screenshots from each test will be shown below, from left to right: 1066, 1600, 2093.

First up is Sandra's Memory Bandwidth test.

The Bandwidth test shows just how well these modules scale from the default booted 1066 MHz up to the maximum stable 2093 MHz. The increased speed was good for nearly 15GB/s faster transfers. 33GB+ is the fastest memory transfer we have tested here at OCIA.net

Latency dropped 27ns, from 81.6ns to 54.6ns.

The Cache / Memory benchmark shows 83.65GB/s for the highly clocked memory. Very impressive, indeed.

Next up is Everest Home Edition. Although this benchmark is long outdated, it will still give us a good look at memory performance.

Everest shows the high clocked memory is nearly 7100 MB/sec faster than the default 1066 MHz speed.

More of the same on the write side.

Let's move ahead and wrap things up with some final thoughts on the Flex 17000 kit.

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