OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 01-29-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Installation / Testing / Conclusion

Installation of this power supply in my main test system was a breeze. My previous power supply was a modular unit, so things were a bit more cramped with this unit but as you can see, it's not a big deal. The red cables look really nice in my system and match the HD 4870 video card perfectly. I also decided to install the unit with the cooling fan facing down. The SilverStone FT01 has a vent below the power supply for this exact reason which keeps the PSU running cool with a fresh supply of air that isn't being warmed from the other hardware within.

Below is a complete list of the test system specs.

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
Cooler Master V8 Heatsink
Palit HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition
Western Digital 74 GB Raptor 10,000 RPM SATA
Western Digital 120 GB 7,200 RPM
Samsung 160 GB 7,200 RPM
Creative X-Fi Sound Card
DVD Burner
SilverStone FT01 Case
2x 180mm Case Fans
1x 120mm Case Fan
Logitech G15
Logitech MX Revolution
Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speakers

I used a digital multimeter to obtain voltage readings. Since most power supplies correct any fluctuation in the current to the rails before our multimeters would even notice, we're unable to monitor every output in real-time simultaneously. To record idle voltages, I let the system sit idle in Windows for 20 minutes. For load voltages, I ran Prime 95 (one instance per core), OCCT, ATITool 3D View Fuzzy Cube, AIM, Outlook Express and a few Firefox instances. This combination of programs put a nice load on the system. Below are some photos and the results from my testing.


Normally I would take separate readings for the 12v line, but since this is a single rail system, that wasn't necessary. As you can see, the Fatal1ty 700w PSU was solid as a rock. The 3.3v rail never budged and the 5v rail actually went up .01 under load. The 12v rail is what most people look at when considering a power supply, and this unit excelled here, only dropping .01 under full load. Aside from having almost no fluctuation, all of the rails were well within spec (not too high or low) which is always a plus.

The OCZ Fatal1ty 700w PSU performed exceptionally well in our real world testing here today. Granted we don't have "professional" power supply testing equipment that cost several thousand dollars and could put a full 700w load on the unit, we do have a pretty decent gaming rig that would represent what the average user might be running. After all, how many computers can serious put a 700w load on a power supply today?

OCZ elected to use a non-modular, single rail system for this power supply that ensures the most stable and well-rounded power delivery which was evident during our voltage load testing. All of the cables are sleeved with red mesh, although only to the first connector on the Molex and SATA cables. I would venture a guess that OCZ left the remaining wires mesh-free to increase flexibility which is a good idea. And speaking of the cables, they all have plenty of length so those with full tower systems shouldn't run into any issues.

This red color theme is further solidified with the use of a 120mm red LED cooling fan, which remained virtually silent throughout testing. The Fatal1ty logo and name have been cut out in the side of the unit, with a red glowing backdrop behind it. This type of flash may not be for everyone, but it was pretty subtle and not blinding bright.

OCZ also included a couple of zip ties to help with cable management. I usually just tuck extra cables in a spare drive bay or behind the motherboard tray but these may be useful to some.

As of writing, the OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Power Supply sells for $129.99 at a popular online retailer and after the current $30.00 rebate, the unit is yours for only $99.99.

OCIA.net has awarded the OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Power Supply our Seal of Approval!

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