Vantec EZ-Swap EX 2.5 Inch HDD Enclosure
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 09-16-2007
Provided by: Vantec
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Enclosure / Installation

Here we have the external enclosure. The enclosure is a simple aluminum / plastic case in which the laptop hard drive sits inside of. On the rear of the enclosure, we have a power connection, USB connector, SATA connector and SATA power connector.

The back of the enclosure is held in place with two screws. Once removed, you can slide the internal contents out to mount a hard drive.

The hard drive slides into place over the PCB and connects with the SATA connectors. On the bottom of the unit, four screws are needed to secure the drive to the PCB. Then, simply slide the "internals" back into the enclosure, and screw the backplate back in place.

Installation was very easy, and is something that most anybody should be able to accomplish without much trouble. Continue ahead as we test this enclosure and wrap things up with a conclusion...

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