Vantec EZ-Swap EX 2.5 Inch HDD Enclosure
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 09-16-2007
Provided by: Vantec
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Last month I reviewed the Icy Box External 2.5" HDD Enclosure and while it did well in testing, it did come up short in a few areas. The Icy Box came with a 3 1/2" drive bay to mount in your case (granted you have a floppy drive bay - I don't) and had support for eSATA, but did not include any supporting hardware (add-in card for eSATA). Today I will be looking at my second 2.5" HDD enclosure in as many months, in the Vantec EZ-Swap EX 2.5" drive enclosure. This enclosure offers a different mix of features, which may prove to be more useful that those on the Icy Box.

The EZ Swap comes in a much larger box than the Icy Box did. Vantec did a nice job on the external packaging. The front of the box shows the drive enclosure and three other photos of it in action under various circumstances. The back of the box has a full product description as well as a features and specs list, which can be found below.

Much like the Icy Box, the EZ Swap has support for both SATA and USB 2.0 interfaces. One great thing about the EZ Swap is that it can mount in both a 3 1/2" bay and a 5 1/4" bay.

Move ahead as we take a closer look at the Vantec EZ Swap EX...

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