EVGA H55 Motherboard
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 02-15-2010
Provided by: EVGA

Intel’s release of the new 2010 Core series processors was the featured attraction of their booth at the Consumer Electronics Show last month in Las Vegas. As we discussed in our review of the Core i5 661, these new offering are the first to feature a graphics processing unit directly on the processor alongside the central processing unit. Accompanying these new processors is a series of new chipsets, the H55, H57 and Q57 and nearly 25 new motherboards based on these various chipsets.

The chart above details the subtle differences between each chipset. H55 is by far the most popular chipset among manufacturers, with 18 of the 22 motherboards currently on Newegg featuring this specific chipset. Another note worth highlighting is that the majority of boards based on these new chipsets are Micro ATX form factor. Only three of the mainboards they have for sale are full size ATX. The reason for this is simple: Intel markets this processor as a mainstream offering (HTPC comes to mind) and figure most users won’t need or use the added real estate / feature set that a full size board can offer.

Today we will be taking a look at the latter, a full size ATX board based on the H55 chipset from EVGA, aptly dubbed the EVGA H55, part number: 123-CD-E635-KR.

Aside from being a full size board, EVGA’s offering brings some innovative features to the table, such as dual heatsink mounting support which allows you to mount either a Socket 775 or Socket 1156 heatsink and EZ voltage read points which allow you to quickly and easily check the voltages of your system with a voltmeter directly from the motherboard.

Continue ahead as we take an in-depth look at the EVGA H55 Motherboard.

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