Etasis ET-850 850W PSU
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-22-2006
Provided by: Case-Mod
Closer Look

The PSU has a non-glossy but metallic battleship gray finish. The entire rear of the PSU is a honeycomb mesh, and there is a power indicator light just below the AC plug.

On the side of the unit we find "ETASIS" embossed.

A shot from the rear, giving a better view of the honeycomb mesh, and a peek at the internals of the PSU.

On the other side of the unit we find a bunch of stickers, mostly indicating that the unit has passed internal quality checks, and the main displaying the power specifications just as we saw on the side of the retail packaging.

On the end of the PSU that would face the front of your case, we find the fan with IFM (Intelligent Fan Management), which is a single 80mm fan.

Finally, the ET-850 next to an OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU. The OCZ is a tad shorter than normal, and the ET-850 a tad longer.

The user manual clearly shows the wiring configuration of the unit, which can come in handy for testing and troubleshooting purposes.

Now let's get to installing the ET-850 on the next page...

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