Etasis ET-850 850W PSU
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-22-2006
Provided by: Case-Mod

The cabling is color coded; Motherboard power connectors are sleeved black, PCI-E are sleeved blue, and the rest (SATA/4-pin/floppy) are zip-tied bundles of red, yellow and black wires.

The four dedicated PCI-Express power connectors.

24-pin ATX mainboard power, 8-pin EPS +12V, and 4-pin auxilary +12V power.

Eight 4-pin power connectors and one floppy power connector. They are confined to three bundles of wires; Two of the bundles have three 4-pin power connectors each, the third has two 4-pin and the floppy power connector.

There are four leads each with two SATA power connectors for a total of eight.

The wires are zip-tied frequently and twisted to help keep them organized.

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